Responsible Play

Leonbet Casino is interested in promoting a responsible and civilized attitude to gambling exclusively as one of the methods of entertainment, and therefore encourages Players and Visitors to adhere to all the rules and principles of responsible gambling provided by the Company in this section and in the Rules of the organizer. The Company asks Players to closely monitor their attitude to gambling and maintain control to prevent gambling addiction. The Company also requests all concerned persons to immediately notify the Company of all facts of violation of the principles and rules of gambling, which they became aware of, including while using the Company’s services, on the Website

Leonbet Principles

To implement the principles of responsible gaming, the Company:

  1. Ensures the identification and verification of all persons who wish to participate in gambling.
  2. Does not allow persons under the age of 21, persons with restricted access to gambling, and persons with gambling addiction according to the register of persons with restricted access to gambling facilities and/or participation in gambling.
  3. Provides an opportunity for the Player to limit his participation in gambling or set a limit of funds that he wishes to spend on gambling. The self-restriction application template is available at the link below. The application can be submitted both in writing to the Company’s legal address and in electronic form to the Company’s e-mail address [email protected] in compliance with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On Electronic Trust Services”. At the same time, such a person may submit an application both to the Company and to any other gambling operator or authorized body. To set the limit of funds that the Player wishes to spend on gambling, it is necessary to submit a request to the Company’s email address [email protected] in compliance with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On Electronic Trust Services”.
  4. Provides verification of all persons registering, as well as periodic verification of all existing Players for the presence in the register of persons whose participation in gambling is restricted. If during the check it is established that the Player is present in this register, his participation in gambling on the Company’s Website will be immediately restricted for the period specified in the register.
  5. Provides Players with the opportunity to check themselves for symptoms of gambling addiction, including by self-checking using the questions below.
  6. Places information materials on gambling addiction and responsible gambling, which contain information about the age limit of the player, the chances of winning, the principles of responsible gambling, signs of pathological and problem gambling and the activities of organizations, medical institutions and/or medical professionals who treat gambling addiction (contact details, telephone support).
  7. Refrain from providing Players with any bonus payments, gifts and / or provision of goods (services) in any form, the use of other types of incentives, the provision of which is directly or indirectly conditioned by the fact of the Player’s loss in the relevant gambling game.

Therefore, the Company takes all possible measures on its part to prevent the emergence of symptoms of gambling addiction in Players and the ability of Players to overcome this disease in case it does appear. Thus, the question arises how Players can, in turn, assist the Company in achieving these goals. Therefore, before starting the game, the Company advises the Player to ask himself the following questions:

Who can be a gambler?

A gambler can only be a person who has reached the age of 21 and is not in the register of persons who have limited access to gambling facilities and / or participation in gambling.

Have I reached the age of 21?

Remember that according to research in the field of addictions, young people, especially minors, are especially sensitive and prone to various forms of addiction, including gambling. The Company always checks the age of all persons who have expressed a desire to participate in gambling, so do not try to mislead the Company. Remember about your own health and safety.

What are my chances of winning a game of chance?

The chances of winning a game of chance are specified in the rules of the respective game of chance.

Do I have symptoms of addiction?

Usually in the early stages it is extremely difficult to detect the symptoms of the disease and even to admit to yourself that this disease can affect you. Remember that gambling is just one of the forms of entertainment, it should not be too much in your life, gambling can not be your source of income or an alternative job. To check yourself for gambling addiction, the Company offers all Players to check themselves from time to time for symptoms of the disease, including by taking the following test:

  1. Do you spend most of your free time gambling?
  2. Do you spend most of your earnings on gambling and even borrow money for it from time to time?
  3. Have your relationships ever deteriorated or ended because of your tendency to spend large amounts of time or money on gambling?
  4. Have you ever had to urgently sell some of your belongings or take them to a pawnshop to get money to gamble?
  5. Do you gamble to avoid sadness, loneliness or the need to solve problems?
  6. After winning, do you have a desire to immediately return to gambling in order to win even more?
  7. Have you ever risked losing your home or job because of your gambling addiction?
  8. After losing, do you have an unbearable desire to return as soon as possible to win back your losses?
  9. Do you have trouble sleeping because of your excessive gambling addiction and its consequences?

Do you often lie about how much money or time you spend on gambling?

If you answer yes to three or more of the above questions, you most likely have a gambling problem. If not, we still advise you to monitor your behavior and attitude towards gambling, as well as to maintain control.

Most likely I do not have an addiction, but how can I prevent it in the future?

  1. Do not let gambling take up all your free time
  2. Read, learn more about the symptoms of gambling addiction and check yourself for them from time to time
  3. Set limits on the amount of time and money you can spend during a clearly defined period of time
  4. After you have lost, do not try to win back the amount of money immediately. It is better to take a break
  5. Do not be afraid to ask friends and relatives for support and objective assessment of your behavior

If you feel that it is difficult for you to take the measures listed in the previous paragraphs, you may still have a problem with gambling addiction and you should contact the Company or the Authorized Body with an application for self-restriction.

I have symptoms of gambling addiction. What should I do?

If, as a result of self-diagnosis, you have realized that you have several or even all symptoms of gambling addiction, the Company advises you immediately:

  1. Ask for help from loved ones and tell them about the problem. It is much easier to deal with any form of addiction if you have reliable support that will not allow you to give up in difficult times
  2. Apply to the Company or an authorized body with a statement of self-restriction. This application can be downloaded here. You have the right to independently set the period of restriction, but it must be at least 6 months and not more than 3 years. If you do not specify the restriction period yourself, it will be automatically set by the Company for a period of 6 months. It is impossible to withdraw the application for self-restriction.
  3. Apply for qualified assistance to the appropriate medical center. Do not hesitate, remember that it will help you to return to a full healthy life as soon as possible!

The Company urges all Players to be attentive to their health and behavior. If you have any doubts about your attitude to gambling or if you notice symptoms of unhealthy gambling behavior in your close relative, the Company advises you to immediately take the measures specified in this section or contact the support service at [email protected] for help and advice.

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